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MorVend Ltd is a company involved in refreshment vending services to a variety of customers, within the area of East Anglia and the North Home Counties.

The business started life in the late 1960's by selling milk and orange squash in wax cartons from twelve vending machines situated in public and commercial locations in Ipswich. Over the years the emphasis moved from milk to hot drinks and snacks and has expanded at a consistent rate year on year.

The core business of MorVend has remained as an operating company providing full hygiene, restocking, cash collection and audit facilities on drink, snack, can and food machines to a wide range of customers. We also advise customers and sell all types of vending equipment with suitable operating and maintenance arrangements and sell and deliver wholesale supplies, including bottled water and associated catering commodities.

1993 MorVend joined the national trade body of A.V.A.B. (Associated Vending Association of Britain) and are still members in its current form of A.V.A. This Association instigated a quality initiative, which MorVend passed in the mid nineties and is reviewed and awarded annually, for quality standards applicable solely to the vending industry.

2001 MorVend achieved the ISO 9001; 2000 standard, which we are proud to currently hold.

2004 MorVend achieved the IIP Award (Investors in People)

MorVend are proud to be an independent member of Associated Vending Services. As a group of companies we are strategically placed to handle national contracts with the care and excellence that only a local company can give.

MorVend has always prided itself on being a good local company, with emphasis on quality after sales service.We havedeliberately curtailed expanding our operating areas to remain within one hour travelling time of our depots, so that all customers can receive the sort of service they expect and require.

Managing Director Eric Morton with daughter and Operations Manager, Fenella

Eric Morton