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Free Standing Automatics

Crane Voce free standing automatic coffee-shop beverages

Crane Voce

The beautifully engineered Voce dispenses coffee-shop beverages from espressos, lattes, mochas and cappuccinos to fresh-leaf teas at the touch of a button.

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Coffetek Neo free standing coffee machine.

Coffetek Neo

The Neo by Coffetek brings the coffee shop directly to you, serving a delicious range of high quality beverages in a free standing machine.

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Crane Voce Media free standing automatic

Crane Voce Media

The Voce Media free standing automatic drinks vending machine transforms the consumer experience with a new touch sensor user interface, providing quality, choice and satisfaction - all the ingredients needed to increase sales.

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Coffeetek Java free standing automatic

Coffeetek Java

The Java beverage machine provides coffee shop quality beverages which are pre-selected through an intuitive user interface, incorporating a large LCD screen and positive feel keypad.

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Table Top Machines

Flavia C500 office coffee machine

Flavia C500

The MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA CREATION® 500 is more than just a coffee maker; it blends stylish design with enhanced drink and menu display options making it easier than ever to create and enjoy the perfect brew.
Intelligent Mars Drinks technology efficiently calibrates the size, pressure and temperature, so whether you’re using the machine for the fifth or fiftieth time, you’ll always get consistently delicious drinks.

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Crane Vision table top machine coffee shop beverages

Crane Vision

The stylish Vision from Crane delivers tasty coffee shop beverages and speciality drinks at the touch of a button. Using the simple, clear selection pad, users can select any number of variants to create the perfect hot beverage, including multiple cup sizes and jugs.

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So Pure Platinum Mini Instant

So Pure Platinum Mini Instant

From design through to manufacture we are committed to creating the perfect product for your business, and when coffee is your business you shouldn’t settle for anything less than pure brewing perfection.
Would you prefer a fresh cup of tea or a steaming cup of soup? They are prepared in seconds through the separate hot water dispenser.

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Chino EC instant table top drinks machine

Chino EC instant

The Chino EC instant is a professional table top drinks machine, smart and eye-catching, with high attention to details.

The door is equipped with a backlit panel; an LED bar lights the drink dispensing cycle, and enlivens the dispensing area.

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Table Top Bean 2 cup

Vitro Espresso Duo bean 2 cup

Vitro Espresso Duo

Finished in smoked glass, the angular design with chrome finish trim provides a contemporary feel; the patented In-Touch user interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices with large drink button icons.

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Cino Grande table top coffee machine

Cino Grande

The beautifully presented Cino Grande table top coffee machine is ideal for coffee bars, pubs and restaurants. Dispensing two different cup sizes at the touch of a button, the Cino houses separate hoppers, one for the beans and the second for instant hot beverages.

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WMF 1500S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF1500 S

The WMF 1500 S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is the evolution of one of the most successful coffee machines from the global market leader, WMF.

The perfect price-performance ratio, the slender design and excellent quality have impressed thousands of satisfied customers.

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So Pure Platinum Espresso Touch

So Pure Platinum Espresso Touch

All the features of our So Pure Platinum Espresso now featuring capacitive touch technology and optional TFT display.

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Traditional Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders

La Spaziale S1 espresso machine

La Spaziale S1

A compact design with cool, sleek lines the S1 is the smallest beverage machine in the beautiful La Spaziale range. With an internal water tank, this traditional espresso machine is perfect for those who want a double boiler machine but don’t want to/can’t plumb it to the mains.

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La Spaziale S2 espresso machine

La Spaziale S2

The S2 espresso machine from La Spaziale is available in 1,2 or 3 coffee Groups making it suitable for any coffee house, restaurant or hotel.

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La Spaziale S5 espresso machine

La Spaziale S5

The La Spaziale S5 is a contemporary styled automatic machine ideal for use in a small bar, café, restaurant or coffee shop.

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La Spaziale S8 espresso machine

La Spaziale S8

The S8 combines many of the exciting features of the ever popular S5 model with the most significant difference being that the S8 has conventional turn knobs for the steam wands and hot water.

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La Spaziale S40 top-of-the-line espresso

La Spaziale S40

The La Spaziale S40 is a top-of-the-line espresso machine with automatic dose settings. The S40 is packed full of innovative features such as a thermal controller accurate to 0.5 degrees, digital pressure sensors and signals to let the operator know if they’re grinding the beans too finely.

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La Spaziale Astro 8 grinder

La Spaziale Astro 8

The Astro 8 is a beautifully engineered, café inspired manual dosing grinder designed for high volume requirements. The Astro 8 allows the Barista freedom to adjust the dosing and grind according to taste.

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Anfim Super Caimano On Demand Display

Anfim Super Caimano On Demand Display

With its electronically controlled timer, variable programming and multifunction control display, the Anfim Super Caimano On Demand Display utilises single and double dose controls and manual push-button options.

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Mahlkonig K30 grinder

Mahlkonig K30

As featured at the UK and World Barista championships, the K30 grinder comes in stepped or stepless model variants. Available as a twin model with a built in fan to keep the burs cool under constant use, the K30 is arguably one of the quickest and most precise grinders available on the market today.

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Merchant Media Touch snack, food & drinks vending

Merchant Media Touch

With an energy efficiency rating of A++, the updated Merchant Media Touch snack, food and drinks vending machine includes a new customer interface area which has been styled in a durable, high gloss finish with LED surround lighting and optional keypad or touch screens.

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N&W Samba vending

N&W Samba

The Samba offers a flexible vending experience to satisfy all tastes and needs by using cutting edge dispensing technologies, Softvend and Multimax.

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N&W Tango snack & food machine

N&W Tango

Necta's passion for smart vending solutions has led to the development of the Tango snack and food machine, designed to be inherently flexible in its delivery.

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Necta Jazz snacks & drinks vending

Necta Jazz

JAZZ from Necta allows a complete refreshment service to be offered to smaller sites where space is limited, thanks to its compact footprint. Jazz offers a fantastic selection of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles. Alternatively snack only or can and bottle models are available.

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Cold Drinks

BevMax Media Touch cold drinks

BevMax Media Touch

The BevMax MEDIA Touch cold drinks machine provides the ultimate cold drink vending experience, offering industry leading technology to help drive sales and consumer satisfaction.

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N&W Sinfonia vending machine

N&W Sinfonia

A glass fronted vending machine. One that is dedicated to can and bottle products, has a wide glass window to enhance the impulse to buy, has an innovative delivery system, has a low energy consumption and that can resist mild vandalism.

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Coca Cola vending machine

Coca Cola Machine

Coca Cola machines vend cold beverages from the comprehensive range including, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Lilt, Oasis, Doctor Pepper and many more. Payment is taken and change is given via the coin mechanism respectively.

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AA Arctic Chill water dispenser

AA Arctic Chill

The Arctic Chill is a closed water dispensing system delivering up to 40 litres per hour. With an integrated flood prevention device known as "Floodguard", this innovative feature stops any leak from the mains source before it becomes a significant problem.

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Borg & Overstrom B3 water cooler

Borg & Overstrom B3

The Borg & Overstrom B3 water cooler is available as both a floor standing or table top unit. Utilising point of use technology, the B3 model includes a larger serving area and an integrated cup dispenser, all housed within an attractive and robust package.

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Darenth Elite In-cup

Darenth Elite

This In-cup Drinks Machine is a perfect, feature packed semi-automatic solution for the modern workplace. The Elite’s piano black & stainless steel finish is further enhanced by striking neon effect back lighting available in a range of colours at no extra cost. Combining stunning looks with unrivalled practicality & reliability, this smart machine makes a lasting impression.

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Darenth Style In-cup Drinks Machine

Darenth Style

The Darenth Style In-cup Drinks Machine combines the very latest technology with the well proven “traditional” semi-automatic machine format.

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Klix® Momentum floor standing in cup vending machine

Klix® Momentum

The MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® Momentum is designed to support fast-paced work environments, including transport and logistics operations, call centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants and agricultural businesses.

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Klix® Outlook floor standing in cup vending machine

Klix® Outlook

Klix® Outlook, the popular floor standing in cup vending machine offering up to 1375 cup capacity. One-touch operation and KLIX® in-cup technology delivers great tasting hot and cold drinks with no waiting and no mess.

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