Rainforest Alliance

What is sustainability?

Rainforest Alliance Worker Sustainability is about ensuring that what we do today to meet our needs doesn’t make it harder for future generations to meet their needs.

Coffee produced in line with the principles of sustainability conserves wildlife, protects farm workers and helps farmers improve their incomes and quality of life.

This approach ensures that people who work with the land live with dignity and with their human rights fully respected. Farmers are helped to earn a decent living for themselves and their families without damaging their environment and without depleting vital natural resources.

What is the Rainforest Alliance?

Rainforest Alliance Logo The Rainforest Alliance is a leading international non-profit conservation organisation operating in over 50 countries1 It collaborates with farmers, workers, business leaders, Non-Governmental Organisations, governments and local communities to develop and implement standards in coffee farming that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable. ‘Certification’ by the Rainforest Alliance is a signal that a farm has met rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livihoods. Rainforest Alliance certification stands for a sustainable future for coffee farming, but certification is also valuable because it is an independent guarantee that high social, economic and environmental standards are being met.

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Fairtrade standards are not simply a set of minimum standards for socially responsible production and trade. The Fairtrade standards go further in seeking to support the development of disadvantaged and marginalized small-scale farmers and plantation workers. Fairtrade standards relate to three areas of sustainable development: social development, economic development and environmental development.