N&W Jazz

The Jazz from N&W allows a complete refreshment service to be offered to smaller sites where space is limited, thanks to its compact footprint. The N&WJazz offers a fantastic selection of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles. Alternatively snack only or can and bottle models are available.

To ensure client satisfaction, the N&W Jazz also has a sensor in the delivery area which detects if a product has actually been vended. Alone or banked with Opera, the Jazz is the ideal machine for today’s demanding vending marketplace.

  • Compact Footprint with ability to offer a wide range of products
  • Vend detector system ensure trouble free product dispense
  • Possibility to install up to 3 payment systems
  • Versions all snack, combi and can & bottle
  • Flexible layout easy to reconfigure
  • LED lighting in cabinet for better product visibility

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