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‘The Hive’ Micro Market offers a vending solution which bridges the gap between traditional vending machines and on-site cafes.

The Micro Market concept offers an unstaffed, unattended, on site mini market providing a large selection of high quality beverages and snacks restocked on a regular basis by one of our team.

The unique format of ‘The Hive’ means your staff can buy fresh food & drinks 24/7 on site limiting the need for off-site food breaks and allowing them quick access to high quality, nutritious food and drink whenever they want! The design of the Micro Market means we can offer a huge range of products ranging from breakfast pastries to sandwiches, salads, heat up meals and more traditional vending products such as confectionery, crisps, teas & coffees, all paid for via contactless payment, Apple pay or a fingerprint in seconds.
Each Micro Market can be adapted to suit your site and your specific needs. We work directly alongside your business to create 3D images of what your micro market could look like, with options to use ‘The Hive’ branding or using your own corporate identity throughout the Micro Market, the only requirements needed from your site are power, water & a dedicated internet connection for the payment kiosks- the rest we can do!

There are multiple benefits to introducing a Micro Market concept within your company:

  • Simple, cost effective way of keeping employees happy, healthy & engaged 24/7.
  • They require less space than a traditional cafeteria (we can work with your requirements to build a bespoke Micro Market to suit your space), utilise less energy & less overheads than a traditional cafe and require very little maintenance and upkeep.
  • With the option to include hundreds of different items ranging from snack items to sandwiches and hot meals, the need for travel outside of the office to refuel is removed, resulting in improved productivity and staff retention.
  • The layout is completely customisable to suit your space & branding with options to advertise important messages on screen at checkout.
  • The simple, efficient check out process allows staff to pay via fingerprint and contactless technology- none of the data used for payment is stored within the kiosks, all data and information is 100% safe & secure under the PCI PA-DSS validation.
  • Investing in your staff’s overall wellbeing ensures a positive work environment which is essential for productivity and increased employee engagement.

An onsite Micro Market is a great solution for busy premises, for further information on how this solution can work for you contact us.

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